Queen Mob’s Teahouse

Sometimes I think I’m writing these poems as an inside joke with myself. That some of them are too non-linear and yet not lyric enough. But then, Erik Kennedy at Queen Mob’s comes along, and with the patience of a saint, publishes my poem “This eating of the space around you is tiresome.” Here is the link.


Phillip B. Williams does a really beautiful job curating Vinyl Poetry and it’s so cool to be part of such a vibrant bunch of voices. Two days after my birthday, he published “My friend once told the man she was fucking” and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present. You can read that poem here.

Nostrovia!Press FALD

Yep. Issue #012 was released late this spring, containing two of my poems. Really proud of these and proud to have been put in such good company. The art direction for the Fuck Art Let’s Dance online journal of Nostrovia!Press is amazing and the poetry and prose is whip smart. Thanks to Jeremiah and Christopher for doing me the honor of including me here.

And thanks to Nostrovia! for nominating my poem “It’s not too late to salvage the piece of glass that surfaced on your knee.” for Best of the Net. Many wows.


This was such a huge shock. The level of beautiful and challenging writing consistently included in this journal is evident in the table of contents in each quarterly issue. Here is the link to the June 2016 issue, where my poem On Receiving Those Texts was published.